Twigs to Trees

Its all in the name....

Tom Twigger has been a keen woodworker since he was a boy, taking woodwork at school encouraged him to continue this as a creative outlet and it has become a life long passion.

Recognising that for the amateur or hobbyist woodworker finding quality hardwood at reasonable local prices is a significant factor, Tom started milling in 2015 encouraged by his close friend Mike Cawthorne (MAC timbers). Tom also wanted to rescue trees which would otherwise end up as firewood or wood-chip.


Starting off with a chainsaw mill, Tom then built a home made mill bandsaw mill and later upgraded to a Norwood HD36 Bandsaw Mill. We can mill up to 52" wide on site with our chainsaw mills or up to 28" wide on our sawmill. We can plane timber up to 24" on our industrial thicknesser.

We saw predominantly hardwoods for use by crafts people and will saw to customer requirements on request. We usually have a good stock of air dried Oak, Ash, Beech and Sycamore. Other timbers can be sourced from our contacts on request.


If you would like to discuss your requirements with us please use the contact page link at the top of this page or contact us on social media.